Preventative Maintenance

The following tasks will be performed at regular intervals (as specified in contract) to ensure proper coverage of system.

  • System Backup for offsite storage and disaster recovery
  • Software Upgrades (on projects that have current Network Manager hardware)
  • Driver Updates
  • System evaluation- Run through of graphics and programs to look for problem areas
  • Sensor Calibration (temperature, CO2, relative humidity and any other specialty sensors)
  • Inspect controllers and wiring terminations for signs of trouble
  • Review NiagaraAX Platform Administration logs, settings and updates
  • Verify station configuration data, check/adjust time, date, CPU Usage, memory and file system
  • Replace Network Manager batteries (annually)
  • Review Alarm Logs and Trend Data
  • Check alarm recipient e-mail addresses and test functionality
  • Perform Maintenance on Variable Frequency Drives (if VFDs are included in service contract)
  • Seasonal start-ups (Typically Fall and Spring)
  • In-Season inspections (Typically Summer and Winter)
  • Complete major maintenance checklists and submit copy to customer for review
  • Make recommendations of deficiencies and notify customer of recommended upgrades, modifications and/or repairs